Forza 2 Retail Gameplay Impressions

Intense day. After the morning conference (time to Los Angeles), at nightfall here take a party dedicated to the latest Xbox One gaming news. And if the conference, as we have repeated many times, he satisfied in terms of density of content and ability to keep up the pace, even in the absence of a real ad destabilizing, it’s also about of Forza Horizon 2. A breeze and with breathtaking views, the new open world racing game of Playground Games occurs on the grid with the enthusiasm of someone who knows she has a winning dna. The demo we had, to be honest, it was really narrow: a flaw not just for a game that makes the vastness and the amount two of his warhorses. That said, pad in hand Strength Horizon 2 is convincing in its own right as the perfect heir to the unexpected hit two years ago, and at the same time a healthy show of force for Xbox One. Before leaving, the numbers: the game world is open and boundless, free from annoying invisible walls splendidly, abandons the Colorado to move into southern Europe, between France and Italy. The spokesman for the team, which in this cool evening’s La-based bonded like a nurse, stressed that the research of the setting was absolutely weighted: the mission was finding little-used scenarios yet breathtaking, be merged according to logic basically most of a jaw capable of aesthetic fold, which they aimed aimed at driving pleasure: lovely sceneries, dream machines, warp speed. Goodbye Colorado! Hence the decision to a European setting, on which embed twelve supercar to lose sleep. Forza Horizon 2 comes out next September 30 on Xbox One and on Xbox 360, the latter by the talented women in Sumo Digital.

Huge, full of challenges and renewed

Useless ony: If you liked the first chapter, its dynamics arcade topped by a genuinely tamarro, hardly mix Forza Horizon 2 will fit in your wish list. The game, in fact, is the next gen of a concept widely broken. Change the size, and so much, but not the content. To make sense of the definition open world map browsable was tripled and dotted with more than 700 affordable events. Although the game modes have been minimally announced, a pr confirmed a similar career development, although the variables in the field are, this time, thus avoiding a lot of the specter of linearity.
Paramount, however, the introduction of patented Drivatar who will be using the same, excellent mechanical, taken by the children of Dan Greenawalt for Forza Motosport 5. Patented drivatar has radically changed the concept of Adaptive AI in a racing game: Forza Horizon 2 benefits to the extent that their opponents are learning from mistakes, they study the trajectories and the player’s driving techniques. The result is a stimulating, diverse, seriously challenging tussle. Also new: the changing weather conditions. It starts with the Sun and you end up with a downpour from Anthology. Buckets of water that Pearl beautifully the screen but that make it more slippery terrain, which becomes a sneaky because we are always stuck at extremely high speed. The demo we tried, as announced, was really a taste of what will be the true Forza Horizon 2. Three cars: Nissan GTR Black Edition, Lamborghini Huracan and 2014 Corvette Stingray. Very different cars share however by a solid arcade philosophy that rewards the disconnect to the limit, or just beyond, and fishtailing subsidiaries, combing several times the asphalt. The feeling is the same as ever: a bad driving model but clearly permissive, light years away from the concepts of simulation without falling into triviality. Merits of the granite frame rate (30 fps: we can be content) the fluidity is really guaranteed, while the exaggerated sense of speed gives chills constants. The truth however is that the gameplay is invigorated by a suffocating artificial intelligence and little inclined to forgive, not skimping on the sportellate when needed, and always looking for the right gate to fit. In short, a fight with nails open to 12 players. Worth noting is the wet asphalt: the grip perceptibly diminish, forcing the pilot to some corrective, especially sudden movements and braking and clearly.

open world racing game

What really satisfies, however, is the degree of discretion that the player can impose its own trajectory, if not the real way. In fact, in some places, even very large, follow the road rather than cut ASAP is a choice almost punitive. Forza Horizon 2 squeezes the dimensional concept environmental opening giving the player kilometers to explore and to set their own path. In the case of the demo, before arriving at a tongue gliding between the ups and downs of asphalt poured onto the sea of the Riviera, we fight between the gang’s maize fields freely levelable between a hip. Freedom, in some cases, is even misleading: that said, the target set by the team seems perfectly struck. Excellent also the variety that an environment much jar is able to offer: culture, towns, forests, rural areas, other waste at sea. Exceptional compositional work that repays eye and hand (holding the pad). Interesting then, and directly translated from FM5, some options like cosmetic damages or not, the wheel simulation and electronic AIDS. Live
Forza Horizon 2 hits at a glance full of colors, finely varied and full of details. The extension of the game world alone is worth the price of admission, because it doesn’t affect us too much texture or depth of the particle definition. The car models, albeit excellent, don’t tear completely the applause especially for a polycount satisfactory but without overdoing it. The end result is fine, however the bulk of the credit goes to the new dynamic lighting system, which calculates reflections and composition of sources, as well as of their rebounds on metal surfaces, clearly unexplored in the first episode. Spectacular to the nth degree some effects, like the drops that Pearl liveries or Rivulets which rides on the tarmac during a violent storm.

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