Peter Moore Leaves Microsoft for EA Sports

Looks like today has carried a lot of fireworks in the industry. It’s a bit surreal to read these announcements as I saw the guy just a few days ago.

But in case you’ve missed it, the rumors are true. Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President for Interactive Entertainment Business in Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division, has moved on to head up EA sports. Leaving behind Microsoft and the Xbox, the console he helped usher to the head of this generation’s console gaming race.

In what sounds like a trade, replacing Peter Moore at Microsoft will be Don Mattrack now formerly of EA. Maybe this is a sign of a strengthening relationship between the two major companies.

IGN has an interview with some softball questions you can check it out here, along with some other details of EA’s reorganization.


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  1. TheDocSays

    Moore now has the easiest job of this young century, add one feature a year to Madden and charge the same $59.99 for that and a roster update. Congrats Moore, you’ve landed your dream job and can spend the rest of your career on a tropical island explaining the 15 DreamCast SKUs for those of us who are “too young to remember.”

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