Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Online Impressions


Nothing makes or breaks a game more these days than its online component. As an ongoing theme with prologue, the online is present and adequate. While some hardcore GT and racing fans may complain the online is shallow and the races are too short, GT5P online gets it done as it should for a Prologue. You first have to download the currently available update to hop online for GT5 which will take a while but once you’re there it is worth it.

Hoping into a match online is pretty simple and most people at this early stage in the game are using the Honda Integra Type R. Simply choose online and you’re good to go. GT5P auto matches you with up to 12 opponents which is surprisingly quick. Thus far it seems the only race track I have been able to race is the High Speed ring. Some of the other cars you will see people using online is a tuned version of the Capuccino and a few people driving around in a BMW Z04. It appears to me where you start in a match is pretty random. One issue that may bother some drivers is based on this randomness and the rolling start to each race that are only two laps long, some may feel this is inadequate time to really make a race the test of true skill. In my experience, I’ve started at every portion of the pack from first to last and each time when the race is said and done I’ve placed top 5 every time. The races in GT5P are more about skill than where you start. A good driver should be able to draft the person ahead of him from the start and already get a nice little speed boost. This has caused me to prefer starting away from the front of a pack at the start of a race.


GT5P online uses a nice little innovative mechanic in which once a person goes out of control their car becomes clipped so they can’t ruin other people’s lines. While a great concept, it can use some tuning as it seems to be pretty random when a car goes in and comes out from these moments. Sometimes cars will almost completely spin out and still not be entered into no clip mode causing other cars to crash. Also, when you run into a barrier especially on the first sharp turn at the High Speed ring there does not really seem to be a penalty at all for wrecklessly crashing into the wall there. Sometimes, if you get enough of the wall you receive a few second penalty but it appears random. This causes a lot of now experienced racers to just wist through that turn without any penalty. One major issue I hope is addressed for the next GT game is the fact that there is no lobby and customizability of a race is non-existent. The two lap races are a lot of fun, but the time between races really break up the action since you must find new opponents each time. I wish I was able to set up a race with friends for more than just 2 laps and not have to find them again.


Visually the online does not lose any steps from its offline counterpart. Everything seems just as impressive visually online as it does off. Out of about the 10 or so races I participated in the network performance on the PSN was extremely good. Only once or twice did a notice other cars around me seriously bounce from one location to the next. For those players who have can master the ring the online portion of GT5P is by and far the fastest way to make cash in the game. I went from 50,000 CR from events in the single player to over $200,000 in about 40 minutes. Prize money starts at 12,000 CR for a first place finish in a full race and so on. Overall, there is a great basis for a full online in the full version of GT5 when it hits next year. Again, for 40 dollars the Prologue has proven to be a lot of bang for the buck and is a ton of fun. I am very hopeful for the PSN in light of what I’ve seen with GT5P that PSN can attain Xbox Live level organization and ease of use in the near future.

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  1. El Rocco

    Is it just me or there’s no way to setup a race with only my friends and I?

    I’d like to be able to race with my 7 friends who are on the PSN… I can’t seem to find the way to do it (if it exists)?


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