Grand Theft Auto IV: 3 Achievements in 1


MrDubya79 on IGN posted a pretty neat little method to get 3 achievements in one swoop: Wheelie Rider —-> Walk Free —> One Man Army in one shot. Here’s how:

Nab a bike and head to the Airport. Get onto the far end of a runway which instantly puts you at 4 stars. Pop a wheelie all the way down the runway to unlock the Wheelie Rider Achievement. Wait it out until the cops stop searching to unlock the Walk Free Achievement. Ride to far north end of the airport runway and climb into the helicopter (if it’s not there drive away and drive back back again until it spawns). Fly into a restricted island (instant 6 stars).Jump out onto a very tall building and wait it out for 5 minutes to unlock the One Man Army Achievement.

Other achievements thus far include:

OFF THE BOAT: Which you get for completing the first mission which is a simple driving machine with Roman to his apartment.

WARM COFFEE: You can get this one early in game when you meet Mallory’s friend Michelle. Go to the clothes shop and buy a pair of glasses, they’re cheap and don’t look silly like the other clothes you can buy in the awful Russian clothes shop. You will take her out on a date that should have gone to the carnival. But the carnival ends up being closed so you go bowling instead. Go bowling and defeat her. She’ll say she had a good time and to get together again. Play a few other missions. She’ll call you again for a date, go on the date. I was even able to accidentally miss the date and call her to ask her out again the first time this second date opportunity came up. This second date we went and played pool. Niko ended up losing 2 games. But after taking her home I tried my luck and scored. I’ve also read you can take her to the Caberet the second time and it works.

FED THE FISH: Complete the mission where you defend Roman’s honor and kill that bastard Vlad for potentially hooking up with Mallory. You’ll dump his dead body into the river which is where the achievement’s name comes from.

Driving Mr. Bellic: Roman is apart of a cab company. If Roman likes you enough, he’ll tell you to call on him any time to grab a cab ride. You can get Roman to like you enough by hanging out with him. You can do pretty much any guy task to get this to happen like go out to a bar or the strip club. You’ll eventually get a call early in the game from Roman telling you how much of a swell cousin you are and to call Roman any time if you need a cab.

More on achievements and other cool stuff as it becomes available!

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  1. nik

    I took her to the Comrade bar (across the street from the first safehouse) for our second date, and on the way out, Niko said, “I swear, it looked like I was the only one knocking them back in there!” But I (drunk) drove her home, and when I got there, tried my luck and it worked.

  2. David

    take roman out to darts and pool beat him and 2 easy achievments, also take michele out to eat cuz thats what she likes the most and little jacob likes going to a show

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