Too Human Hands On Impressions and Video

Denis Dyack was on hand yesterday at the Microsoft Showcase event to show off Too Human. Of all the games on the show floor, I spent most of my time with Too Human which is saying something. Too Human is set for its August 19th release date and the build I played yesterday seemed pretty close to a final build. Too Human is going to feature 2 play seamless cooperative play. While this is a controversial change from the original promise of 4 players online Dyack explained that the game in their testing just seemed to fit the 2 player coop model better. With four the action became too frantic and disjointed. The game is supposed to be more about quality of game play rather than quantity. Dyack and another Silicon Knights representative showed off the cooperative aspect of Too Human and some of the stylistic kills you can pull off together. There is real depth behind Too Human that is going to take players a long time to master. In the demo, one player was more a melee heavy class and another more a ranged class. To perfectly work together, Dyack flicked the right thumbstick twice when attacking to initiate a toss of an enemy into the air while his coop partner shot him with his stronger ranged attack. He also claimed playing as a Beserker class may be the fastest an action RPG class in a battle has gone ever. During the play session, both coop and single player were available.


There are four classes in the game which you can choose from when you start the game. I played as a defender which has higher than normal health and armor. I also played around as a champion class which is balanced across stats. The game play in Too Human is going to feel very strange at first and take some getting used to. For melee you hold down the right stick. The game auto focuses on an enemy and then moves on once you’ve made contact. You literally keep it held down to attack. This felt a little disconnecting since in most game you are asked to continually press something to attack an enemy. But after a few minutes you get used to it. The shoulder buttons fire your gun which you can use for range attacks. My first character had a laser gun which you had to leave held down on enemy while the laser heated up until they started taking rapid damage and died. As mentioned before, you can juggle enemies by double tapping the right thumb stick to throw an enemy into the air then juggle them with your ranged weapon. This worked great on smaller enemies but when you run into trolls you have a problem. The right bumper centers the camera behind you so there is always an element of camera control which you will need in a game like this. Difficulty wise, Too Human is no cake walk and you will have to plan out your attack before entering a room. Enemies are numerous and remind me a lot of Mass Effect’s geth in the early going as far design.

Those familiar with World of Warcraft will be familiar with the game’s leveling model. You gain points per level which you must spend in trees of skills. Once you spend enough points in a given tree you unlock a spider. A spider is sort of your mini helper in a battle and depending on your skill set the spider can do different things. My character was mainly focused around ice so not only when I swung my sword did I do a bit of freezing to my enemies but my spider also shot ice at my enemies to freeze them. To deploy a spider in a battle you press Y. Be careful however as the reuse timer for the spider is pretty long as it should be to balance the game. I died quite a bit in Too Human during my play time but I did make it to level 6 in my play time. Dying was a bit strange in the game. If you die, a diety looking figure creates an aura around your body and you are brought back to life but the game seems to send you back to before the battle.

Visually I really dugg the art style and visuals of the game. But I think there is definitely going to be a contingent who feel the game’s visuals are not up to par. But considering the amount of enemies on screen and the environments the game definitely gets the job done. Also, the some may feel the combat is disconnecting. Unfortunately I did not really get a chance to take in the story of Too Human and the sound in the game because of the amount of noise on the show floor. However, the ability to throw in a lot of style using coop is going to make Too Human an RPG many are going to enjoy.

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