Microsoft STILL Attempting to Add Snake to its Lineup? *Update 2*


I really hate to add to what was a dead rumor but sometimes you see something you simply cannot ignore. Aaron Greenberg (Xbox group product manager) currently has his MSN status set to “Xbox 360: Metal Gear Solid 4″ in faux Xbox 360 status. He’s obviously not playing the game on 360, but is this potentially a sign of things to come? Or maybe just pulling my leg?


Thanks to the XCW for help with the image!

Update 3:24 PM PST: The official word from Mr. Greenberg is the standard line, “I cannot comment on rumor or speculation”. Not that I was expecting the earth shattering exclusive story here, but it’s a standard comment.

Update 3:33 PM PST: Okay, debunked straight from him. Just a leg pull. Oh well, I took the bait.

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  1. So why not IM him and ask…

  2. SGD

    Okay I bit and asked anyway even though he is listed as busy

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