Rock Band Announces 10 More Songs

In yet another announcement of songs for the upcoming music game Rockband, 10 more songs all of which will be original master tracks has been revealed. The new additions include:

All will be master tracks:

Rolling Stones — “Gimme Shelter”
Deep Purple — “Highway Star”
The Clash — “Should I Stay or Should I Go”
Faith No More — “Epic”
Smashing Pumpkins — “Cherub Rock”
Radiohead — “Creep”
Beastie Boys — “Sabotage”
Jet — “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”
OK Go — “Here It Goes Again”
Nine Inch Nails — “The Hand That Feeds”
Also, the game will be launching on the PS2 as well.


EA Prepares Hostile Takeover of Ubisoft

Yeah read that again. According to a Senior Editor at IGN this is about to happen a lot sooner rather than later. Details are extremely sketchy at this point but something is happening behind the scenes and it appears EA is going to complete a takeover of Ubisoft by force since Ubisoft won’t come quietly. EA currently has roughly a 20% stake in Ubisoft for those wondering.

Electronic Arts has raised its holding of voting shares in Ubisoft to nearly 25 percent, according to reports from French stock market regulator AMF.

First reported on Forbes.com Wednesday morning, the increase gives EA 24.86 percent of Ubisoft’s voting shares.

In December 2004, EA bought a 20-percent block of the French game maker, a move considered hostile by Ubisoft at the time.

EA’s previously held 18.4 % of the voting rights against 22.8 % held by Ubisoft’s founders.

Calls and emails to EA and Ubisoft requesting comment about the development were not immediately returned Wednesday morning.

According to the Forbes report, EA said it reserves the right to raise its stake in Ubisoft over the next year, but it has no plans to seek to nominate board members, but could do so if the are any major changes in Ubisoft’s situation.

So now EA has a roughly 25% stake in the corporation. Pretty worrisome news.

June Software NPD Top 5

Nintendo crushed opponents again in this month’s software sales as well:

Mario Party 426,000
Wii Play 293,000
Pokemon Diamond 288,000
Pokemon Pearl 214,000
Forza 2 197,000
Pokemon Battle Revolution 157,000
Resident Evil 4 Wii 150,000

This is encouraging news for the big N, even if all their major sellers are first party titles only. Looks like people will buy almost anything with the Nintendo symbol on it.

Update 1: So I edited to be top 7. Nintendo is still killing with two more of their titles in the mix. Maybe Nintendo should rename the machine to the Nintendo Cash Machines.


June Hardware NPD

Nintendo DS: 561,000
Wii: 381,780
PlayStation Portable: 290,100
PlayStation 2: 270,760
Xbox 360: 198,440
Game Boy Advance: 113,870
PlayStation 3: 98,470

Another impressive month for the Wii. Which is out selling the 360 2: 1. The 360 is outselling the Ps3 2:1 (but mind you, this was before the price drop). Interestingly, the price drop on the PSP seems to have helped some as it sold 290K. Software numbers should be following soon. Hey look mom! Price drops do work!

Thanks to Matt from IGN.

Peter Moore Leaves Microsoft for EA Sports

Looks like today has carried a lot of fireworks in the industry. It’s a bit surreal to read these announcements as I saw the guy just a few days ago.

But in case you’ve missed it, the rumors are true. Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President for Interactive Entertainment Business in Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division, has moved on to head up EA sports. Leaving behind Microsoft and the Xbox, the console he helped usher to the head of this generation’s console gaming race.

In what sounds like a trade, replacing Peter Moore at Microsoft will be Don Mattrack now formerly of EA. Maybe this is a sign of a strengthening relationship between the two major companies.

IGN has an interview with some softball questions you can check it out here, along with some other details of EA’s reorganization.


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