2Opinionated Episode 4: Call of Duty 4 Interview with Robert “402″ Bowling Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow morning at approximately 10 AM PST I will be posting a special edition of the 2Opinionated Podcast with Infinity Ward’s Community Relations Manager Robert “402″ Bowling. I had the chance to talk to him on Friday regarding the upcoming game of the year candidate, Call of Duty 4.

Some of the things we discussed in the interview including :

  • A response to the OXM review claim the single player campaign is only 5-6 hours long
  • Details regarding previously scantly discussed multiplayer modes such as Old School
  • What improvements Infinity Ward has made based on feedback from the beta
  • Split screen play via Xbox live and whether or not it’s included
  • The prestige mode explained
  • If and when we’ll ever see the Pumpkin head as downloadable content

Over 20 minutes with 402 regarding Call of Duty 4 3 days ahead of release. All this and more tomorrow morning on 2Opinionated Gaming!

2OpGaming is BACK

So yesterday the Mass Effect thing went and crashed the server. But today, we’re back. Thanks to ASO for awesome hosting. You should check em out at http://asmallorange.com! The Mass Effect Video post is still below =).

2OpGaming.com Site Redesign is Now Live

Welcome to the second iteration of 2OpGaming.com!! Tons of new stuff around here design wise. Notice on the right you can subscribe to the site’s podcast and RSS feed!
A job very well done by webstalker. Please let us know what you think of the new design by sending an email to sgd@2opgaming.com !

Microsoft Charity Event Today

Today SGD (WitchKing9) will be traveling to Los Angeles to attend a charity event hosted by Microsoft where consoles will be handed out to under privileged kids . Expect some pretty cool coverage of this charity event tonight and tomorrow at 2opgaming!

SGD Guesting on GamersGarage Podcast now Live!

So I’ve been raving for about a week about the dudes over at GG who were nice enough to have me on as a guest. The audio is now, please give it a listen!

Download here

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