Too Opinionated Gaming Opens its Doors

May 20, 2007

Lorem ipsum and hello world no more, 2OpGaming is now open! Allow me to introduce myself. Many of you in the Xbox community have known me on the IGN insider boards as SGD316, some others may know me by my gamertag on Xbox live WitchKing9. I have been a fan of the Xbox brand since its launch in 2001. Playing Halo for the first time on the Xbox was one of those once in a generation gameplay experiences. Since then, I have been hooked to the console and its successor the 360. The site is going to mainly focus on my thoughts on various news regarding the Xbox 360. I have been a member of the IGN insider boards since 2002. Many of you on that board will know me for my coverage of various events such as E3 and anything else the powers that be invite me to. You may also know me for my opinionated views on many matters on that board, hence the site name. For my contribution to the community I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the Xbox in October of 2006. Since then, I have even more access to what is going on behind the scenes and can provide even more informed opinions and views of what’s really going on. But enough about me, on to more about the site.

The idea of this site has been kicked around now for a few months. I’ve been asked more than a few times where the heck is my blog? I’ve received PM’s on IGN stating that even though people always didn’t agree with my opinion they’d like to know if I posted a blog somewhere because the posts were usually well thought and not full of the usual garbage you find in typical forum posts and discussions. A good friend of mine in the industry hotcoffeeburns will also be joining this blog as site staff shortly. I also aim to have special guests and interviews on the site from people around the industry. The format of the site will be simple, while the news will be posted here our opinions with will be both as an insider’s and gamer’s view will be posted. Eventually, I hope to branch this site out into an around the horn or PTI style round table or podcast. For now though, it will just be some blog posts about the news and has it been controversial or what over the last few weeks? We won’t be covering just the 360, though I am dubbing it this blog’s official console of choice. We will also cover the big stories from the other members of the big 3 as well as the PC gaming. This next line is deserving of its own paragraph:

A HUGE thank you to the man who spent a lot of time coding this thing recently, our very own web guru and site admin webstalker.

I hope this blog becomes an insightful and valuable resource for gamers across the web. I hope you guys enjoy the content and there’s a lot of exciting stuff still to come here on . Please subscribe to our RSS feed link located at the bottom of the page and/or add us to your favorites.

Thanks again, and everyone at 2OpGaming hopes you enjoy your stay.



P.S. If you want to contact us, we do read the comments left on the site for every post or you can send us email at or (hey we’re still working on getting things straight around here =P)