Mid Day Update: 360 HD DVD Player Price Drop and OXM Discs on MP

Two pieces of news heading into Comic-Con (I cry because I won’t be attending this weekend). This morning Microsoft announced the lowering of the price of the HD DVD drive from $199.99 to $179.99 according to Xbox.com . Not that this really matters,  the HD format war is clearly being won by Sony at the moment and I highly doubt HD-DVD is going to come up. Just like with games, the software is where wars are won and lost and right now BR just has way too much major studio support with too many major franchises.

On the second front today, OXM discs are going to be placed on Xbox live it seems for 200 points according to Xbox360Rally .

Here’s the thing, I have been reading a lot of people on the bitch in forums about this move claiming Microsoft is gouging its subscribers even more. But let’s take a few things into consideration here:

1. You people get all pissy when the OXM demo disks gets something you want to play and you can’t

2. Do you really want to pay newsstand price for OXM?

3. Do you even read OXM if you buy it or subscribe to it? Or do you get the magazine ditch the now old reviews and pointless previews and pop the disc into your console?

For 200 points sure it’s not the best deal and I do see the side of the argument that says “Hey Microsoft, thanks a lot now we’re paying for demos too!” but in reality it’s not that bad a deal and I don’t think many of you have any issue paying 2.50 to play something like Katamari months prior to release. So in closing, stop your bitching. You can always voice your displeasure with your wallet by not buying it as well.