Rock Band Recall Notice Being Sent to Retailers ? *Update*

Nov 16, 2007

Defective Returns and Recall Program
Our Objective is to provide the best possible consumer experience should any peripheral fail to perform as expected

The Rock Band Speacial edition Contains three seperate notices (on the box, in the box, inside software instructions) to contact Electronic Arts, Inc. via the following Url Http://

If a consumer brings the defective product to retail, we suggest retailers recommed the consumer contact EA directly via the URL above. IF the consumer is not able to access the URL, They can call (650)628-1001 to receive the same support.

We suggest that all retailers who have already obtained their product to send the product either to the vendor it was receved from or Contact EA support to resolve the issue.

Sorry for any inconveince this may cause and here at EA we are trying to resolve this as soon as possible.

This is an excerpt from the alleged email being sent around to retailers regarding Rock Band. It doesn’t cite any specifics but it does clearly state there seems to be some sort of issue with the Rock Band hardware. This would be catastrophic if true and would make total sense for the reason Canada had its shipments of the game delayed until December. I have contacted EA regarding this issue and am waiting for official comment.

Update November 18th: I have received official word from an EA representative stating this is false. Putting this to bed. Carry on with your rock on, tomorrow.