Two Worlds Improvements

Nov 19, 2007

Karlsruhe, 19th November 2007 – The “Two Worlds” developers are sheer perfectionists – they’re still working on fine-tuning their current RPG megahit – and another result of these Herculean efforts will soon be available in the form of Update 1.6, a package that’s chock-full of enhancements. This time they focused on the Multiplayer mode – the lag problems have now been largely remedied and the balancing of the various game modes has been made even more sophisticated – and here are just two examples of how the Single Player version has also benefited from the new data package: the control system of the horses has been enhanced yet again – and… wait for it… if the player pays an appropriate fine, he may now re-enter towns where he has killed in the past!

A nice set of updates for those of you still playing this one.