2Opinionated Episode 10 – Undoing What I Thought I Knew

Jan 16, 2008

This on the 2Opinionated podcast I am joined by Damon from Maddenplanet.com . Damon and I discuss the Xbox live arcade and the confirmation and subsequent blocking of the release of Goldeneye for the Xbox live arcade. Kane and Lynch selling a million copies off the strength of its advertising alone. I also discuss the Rock Band that DLC that seems to eclipsing what was released on the retail disc.

The main treat this week is a conversation about the divisional weekend in the NFL and the upcoming NFC and AFC championships games. We review the improbable week that was and look ahead to the upcoming week and what we think will be the is. Also, Damon discusses the development cycle of Madden football, pros and cons, what was missing from this year’s games, community issues with Madden, and what we can expect in the coming year regarding Madden development. Check it out.

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