Two Worlds Temptation Coming This Fall Plus Screens

SouthPeak Games has announced that it will be releasing a sequel to Two Worlds, its popular open-world role-playing game. Entitled Two Worlds: The Temptation, this second episode from the world of Antaloor is set for release on PC and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®. Due on the shelves in autumn 2008, Two Worlds: The Temptation will build on its prequel by including a host of improvements and new features, including a completely overhauled graphics engine.

Taking place shortly after the events portrayed in the first Two Worlds, The Temptation takes place in Eastern Antaloor, mostly in the regions surrounding Oswaroh and the Drak’ar Desert. Two Worlds: The Temptation will also include a host of improvements and all-new game content on the same scale as the original Two Worlds’ epic game world. From more intricate missions, improved voice-overs and animations to re-tooled horseback riding, completely revamped combat and a new graphics engine that delivers visuals that have to be seen to be believed, Two Worlds: The Temptation is set to build on the success of the original and take the fantasy kingdom of Antaloor to new heights of complexity and player freedom.

“We first envisioned The Temptation as an expansion to the original,” said Miroslaw Dymek, Chief Developer with Reality Pump explained. “However, as we started creating the story and reworking almost every aspect of the game, we realised that we were well on our way to crafting a fully-fledged sequel. Our entire development team is now putting their all into making Two Worlds: The Temptation a game that is far and away better than the original.”

“Two Worlds has a huge fan base across the world, and all will be happy to hear that The Temptation will be exactly what they’ve been hoping for in a sequel.” Said Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games. “The team at Reality Pump has taken to heart all the comments made by the players and will incorporate massive improvements that are sure to please and surprise everyone.”