Xbox Live Spin of Death

Apr 8, 2008


Back in January you will remember the terrible network issues that plagued Xbox live and caused many gamer’s new Christmas gift to be rendered half useless. The issues went on for a few weeks and finally cleared themselves out. At the time user’s reported problems loading their dashboards, accessing the marketplace, and even jumping into games. I don’t ever remember receiving a clear cut answer as to what was wrong and what was done to resolve the issue. It seemed to eventually just fix itself. Many believe that at the time the user load for Xbox live was simply too large for the servers to handle all the requests coming in.

Fast forward to last Friday and the release of the Call of Duty 4 maps. The only release since the holiday problems that would be able to reproduce the amount of active traffic present over the holiday period of Xbox live. Though we do not have exact stats as of yet, you know a very large number of people went out and acquired the pack. A funny thing happened over the weekend, I couldn’t access the marketplace or Xbox live at all. I just the white load of death. This issue went on into Sunday for me and it’s pretty well documented across the community.

The interesting questions become, what happened this past weekend? Pure coincidence that Xbox live experienced issues during the release of the Call of Duty 4 map pack? What was done again over the last few months to resolve the load issues over Xbox live? Did Xbox live suffer another load issue? To Microsoft’s credit by Sunday the issues had been resolved but I can’t help but wonder just what the heck happened over the weekend again during what would have been a busy period. This sorts of issues did not begin to creep up until last holiday when live stats boasted of more than 10 million users. Has the service become so popular that maybe even Microsoft has taken a larger bite than even they can chew with the live service?

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