Konami ID Site Woes and Workaround

Apr 20, 2008

Playstation 3 gamers this weekend hoping to quickly jump online and begin the Metal Gear Online beta quickly found themselves frustrated by the process that is required to sign up. Gamers who pre-ordered the MGS4 limited edition were given a code which was supposed to give them access to the beta. To their surprise, some of the codes distributed to those who pre-ordered were 3 alphanumeric characters short of an acceptable code to download the beta.

Once that issue was remedied with new codes from Konami, a few websites on the net were given an allotment for giveaway. The only catch being, you needed a Konami ID to play the game. Enter what can only be described as an utter folly of a website that is supposed to be the gateway to the biggest beta for the most anticipated exclusive title in the PS3’s library, https://id.konami.net/login.do. It seems the web team behind the website have the site set to time out as rapidly as you can hit refresh.

Fear not however, there is a workaround. Once you are able to actually get the site to load QUICKLY enter your birthday and agree to the terms of the ID (which is the usual legal mumbo jumbo, just let me get a damn ID to play the beta). Once at a longer page where you will be asked to fill in your information do the following cumbersome task. Enter one field at a time beginning with choosing an ID, immediately check if the ID is available. Then go back to the prior page fill out the next field and check to see if the ID is available again. Do this for every field. While a pain in the ass, it stops the site from timing out for inactivity because only spam bots programmed to enter in data in the range of a few milliseconds could possibly make it through the site without issue.

You may also download an autoform plugin for Firefox which has been noted to work. Best of luck to everyone and catch you guys online.

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