2K’s PrizeFighter Official Site Launch

May 28, 2008

The official site for Prize Fighter opened today. Check it out at HypeKingdom.com. Seriously, nobody had this URL before? How is that possible? At the site you can do the following stuff:

At HypeKingdom.com, fans can experience the thrill of being the king through the following features:

* Nickname Generator – Joe Smith isn’t going to fill seats, so get a Don King-inspired nickname that screams “the champ is here!”

* Customizable Hype Spoken by Don King – Generate your own hype, Mad Lib-style, with the voice of the king.

* Complete Guide to King’s English – Now fans can accurately sling the slang to raise their hype game.

* Hype Boards – A place where members can share their own hype glory stories as well as enthusiasm for Don King Presents: Prizefighter.

* Screen Savers and Screen Shots – View all the screen savers and screen shots in its tenacious spectaculocity to download and share with friends.