NBA 2K9 Cover Athlete

Jun 4, 2008

Tomorrow night during game 1 of the NBA finals, 2K will run an ad unveiling the cover athlete for NBA 2K9. I’m not quite sure what’s so significant about this or why anyone would care unless the cover athlete is KG or Kobe. It’s not like there’s a Madden 2K curse either. But hey, whatever generates hoopla right? Also, 2K launched a website that after a lengthy and unnecessary sign up process allows you to guess one of sixteen players who will be the cover. To save yourself the trouble, here’s the list:

Chris Bosh

Baron Davis

Kevin Durant

Kevin Garnett

Andre Iguodala

LeBron James

Yao Ming

Steve Nash

Dirk Nowitzki

Tony Parker

Chris Paul

Paul Pierce

Brandon Roy

Josh Smith

Dwayne Wade

Deron Williams


No Kobe, but 2 worthless Celtics. Officially count me out of the care train for this one.