2Opinionated Episode 4 – Call of Duty 4 Interview with Robert “402″ Bowling

On this special weekend edition of the 2OpGaming podcast WitchKing9 chats with Infinity Ward’s Community Relations Manager Robert “402″ Bowling regarding the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Call of Duty 4. We chatted for over 20 minutes regarding a ton of stuff in Call of Duty 4 such as:

  • A response to the OXM review claim the single player campaign is only 5-6 hours long
  • Details regarding previously scantly discussed multiplayer modes such as Old School
  • What improvements Infinity Ward has made based on feedback from the beta
  • Split screen play via Xbox live and whether or not it’s included
  • The prestige mode explained
  • If and when we’ll ever see the Pumpkin head as downloadable content

It was an awesome interview and a major thank you again to 402 for being on the show.

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