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Xbox One Gaming News: November Update Brings Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility

2op gaming found out that with The November update for Xbox One, all users can download and enjoy the innovations implemented, whose most notable is the arrival of compatibility keyboard/mouse To you the accuracy and responsiveness! So you will be able to play a lot of games like the PC with a mouse and a […]

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Halo 3 Review

Halo 2 was told anything and everything: that was a successful disruptive; that marked indelibly the online game on consoles; that was one of the most beloved games of last generation of hardware; It had a single player campaign a bit slow and with a final for some disappointing. The day after tomorrow out worldwide […]

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Halo 3 Has Gone Gold

Halo 3 HAS GONE GOLD! Watch the full video bellow from E3: 

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